Our Services

What we can do for you​

Here at Leek and Potato Video Productions, we provide a variety of services to fit many needs and requirements. We understand that no two videos should be the same so we strive to bring creative and innovative videos that are tailored to fit your specific goals, brainstorming a wide range of ideas and tweaking them according to your needs. Whatever your budget, timescale and achievements needed from your video we will strive to bring the best possible result. Take a look at the services we provide and let us know what we can do for you.


Whether you’re hosting a big exhibition or needing to document a large meeting to attract future visitors, we can work around any event you have in mind to help you attract new visitors and keeping existing visitors coming back.


A video Showreel can be an effective way to showcase your talents to potential employers or clients. Taking all the best parts and putting it all in an impressive, professional looking video is what we do well.


Do you have a new product, service or business to sell? Promotional videos are brilliant to drive traffic to websites, increase sales and rise audience following and engagement. Small or large business, we have had experience in creating high quality videos for a wide variety of businesses. We tailor every step of production to your business, from planning out your aims and goals all the way to marketing your video online.

Sports / Fitness

Sports clubs and other associated clubs are like the heart of many communities. Videos are a great way to promote local matches, events, fundraisers and gain potential clients or donations.


Videos are a great way to increase engagement with audiences and clients. We can provide a wide variety of corporate videos to really showcase the brand’s business values and aims to clients.

Product Videos

Product-based businesses can benefit from fun, creative product videos that are ideal for marketing on social media. Mostly done in-studio, product videos can be a great way to showcase your products and really make them stand out.


To avoid the all too familiar ‘Death By Powerpoint’ scenario, video can engage and interest employees and get the message across quickly and effectively. Whether it’s for new or existing employees, we can give those training sessions a whole new lease of life and make it easily shareable and relevant to different branches and franchises.

Music Videos

If you’re an aspiring or established band/singer/musician and looking to compliment your talents with a visually stunning video then look no further. We can help your vision come to life from storyboarding all the way to editing the finished look.