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Why Choose Video

Video is vastly becoming one of the most effective ways to communicate your message to clients and customers. 95% of viewers retain a message from watching a video as opposed to 10% from text, making it a necessity in marketing strategies but a recent statistic that came from Searchmetrics research says that “The frequency of video across Google search results rises to a high of 74%”. Digital Marketing has become so important across the world with yearly rises being seen across the UK. Videos can take up many different forms for marketing purposes so why not check out how we can deliver Creative and Engaging Video Production for your business.

We Provide Creative Video For Whatever Needs You May Have

Here at Leek and Potato Video Productions, we provide a variety of services to fit many needs and requirements. We understand that no two videos should be the same so we strive to bring creative, engaging and innovative videos that are tailored to fit your specific goals, brainstorming a wide range of ideas and tweaking them according to your needs. Whatever your budget, timescale and achievements needed from your video we will strive to bring the best possible result.

From Page To Production To Screen

Leek and Potato Video Productions provide you with a step by step process to turn your idea into a creative video that gets people talking. Before production can begin, we provide you with initial consultations to help develop your idea into a brief and then we then storyboard before bringing it to life in production and post production. This way you can give us your own creative input into what you’re looking for out of a video and what kind of audiences you wish to reach. If you want Creative and Engaging Video Production, Contact Leek and Potato Productions to start planning your creative video now.

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All videos are different so in order for us to quote a price for you, contact us with what you're looking for.